Istos Renewables Ltd follows a Quality Management System and its laboratory is accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by ESYD to conduct wind speed & direction measurements,

Therefore, our company applies a Quality Management System (QMS) and fulfills the modern requirements for high fidelity and reliability measurements and other services provided by our company.

The benefits of implementing a QMS as specified in ISO 17025 are:

  • Increase of the laboratory prestige both in Greece and internationally.
  • Provide our customers with trustworthy measurement results.
  • Better organization of the laboratory.
  • Recognition of the personnel’s ability.
  • Recognition of the technical capabilities of the laboratory equipment.
  • Constant improvement of the offered services.

Finally, from September  of 2022 we are a member of the Measnet International Network of Wind Energy Laboratories. We are recognized by this Network as providing Site Assessment services adequately and that our company meets the guidelines, qualitative and quantitative criteria of Measnet regarding the specific provision of services.

Background for Green Section


In particular, the benefits of accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for carrying out wind speed & direction measurements are multiple and are summarized as follows:

  • Reliability of wind measurements by:
    1. Traceability to the international system of units.
    2. Implementation of validated & documented methods
  • Better estimation of wind resources.
  • Assessment of measurement uncertainty, important to the sensitivity study of the investor.
  • Reduction of risks which is very.
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Quality Policy of our Laboratory

The laboratory in order to achieve high quality in its services is committed to:

  1. Work closely with customers so as to ensure that there is a clear understanding of their needs.
  2. Confirm all the agreed requirements between Istos Renewables and customers.
  3. Never make a promise that cannot be kept.
  4. Promote the philosophy that everybody is a customer and supplier of its colleague.
  5. Ensure that it makes no compromise in any of its activities, in terms of impartiality & confidentiality for the customer’s benefit.
  6. The personnel of ISTOS RENEWABLES Ltd, who carries out the laboratory activities, is informed about the documentation of the quality system and implements the policy and procedures in its work.
  7. The management of laboratory of ISTOS RENEWABLES Ltd, is bound to conform with the ELOT ΕΝ ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard and the continuously improvement of the Quality Management System.

Except for the above the ISTOS RENEWABLES Ltd is committed especially for the below:

  1. Comply with current standards on the subject of measurements (National, European, International)
  2. Comply with the applicable institutional texts (Laws, Ministerial Decisions, etc.), regulations and statutory requirements affecting the work of the laboratory.
  3. Provide in time evaluation results, test results and calibrations results.
  4. Competitive prices for the services offered.

Finally, ISTOS RENEWABLES Ltd with its accreditation has been committed:

  1. Strict adherence to the quality assurance system guidelines as set out in the quality manual.
  2. Implementation short & long terms of Management’s targets for the progressive quality improvement, by revising the existing procedures on the basis of experience gained and upgrading its capabilities through the modernization of equipment and the corresponding training of its staff.
  3. Compliance with the observations of its Accreditation Body (ESYD) found in each monitoring inspection of the Quality Management System.

Useful terms

Since there is confusion of the terms "certification" and "accreditation", their differences are listed below.

  1. Certification

    The process by which a neutral third party gives written assurance that a product, process or service conforms to specific requirements included in standards or other normative documents. The certification is conducted by accredited organizations, so as to ensure the required reliability.

  2. Accreditation

    Procedure of official recognition by an appropriate organization so that a person or corporation is able to perform specific activities with documented sufficiency. In other words, it’s the formal recognition that a laboratory is competent to carry out specific calibrations or tests or designated types of calibrations or tests.

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