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Construction Design & Resistance Studies

There are several steps involved in creating a new product or construction, so that the end result is useful and safe. What can start from a pencil drawing on paper with the help of accumulated experience, development processes, CAE software and the always needed enthusiasm, ends up being a complete product that is ready for testing and continuous improvement. Advances in modeling and design technology have greatly simplified the early stages of implementing our new ideas.

More specifically, for the development of our met masts and for the realization of their studies, a three-dimensional model of finite elements of the mast (FEA) was constructed, on which the marginal conditions and the loads that strain the mast were placed. The stresses were calculated and the results were evaluated in terms of the static adequacy of the construction. In addition to the sections and the guy-wires as an assembly, the individual important components have been simulated so that there is no weak point on the mast (component analysis).

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