The weak autonomous networks of the islands are particularly vulnerable to disturbances resulting in stability problems in the operation of large wind turbines. Therefore, it is necessary to look for alternative ways of utilizing cheap wind energy in the area of ​​islands and systems of optimal cooperation of diesel generators with wind generators in order to maximize the economic penetration of wind energy. Such systems are hybrids…

Our company undertakes the design, dimensioning, supply and construction of any autonomous system to meet your energy needs.

In recent years we have installed over 250 autonomous meteorological masts, which are supplied with photovoltaic panels, gaining extensive experience in autonomous photovoltaic systems.

We have also designed special autonomous hybrid trailers that combine PV panels with a diesel generator for uninterruptible power supply of Lidar systems.

We undertake:

– Dimensioning of autonomous and hybrid systems.

– Construction of autonomous PV systems.

– Pump storage studies with simulation of operation of the storage system. (link to studies)

See our projects… (link to the Autonomous System of the International Airport)

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