Autonomous supply trailer for Lidar

ISTOS offers you a robust solution for the uninterruptible power supply of your Lidar unit. The specially designed trailer is dual-axle (for better stability on off-road routes) and has suitable dimensions for hosting the ZX300 (can be adapted to other Lidars). The roof opening has suitable dimensions so that the laser beam is not obstructed.

Α. Technical characteristics of trailers:

– Specially designed chassis to withstand the weight of lead-acid batteries and other materials. – Διαθέτει φρένα και φώτα πορείας. 

– Superstructure made of polyurethane metal sheets (isopanel type) for extra protection in extreme weather conditions. 

– Creation of a Faraday cage that protects the Lidar device from induced lightning voltages and other EMI phenomena.

– Hard point for connection to a suitable earthing system. 

– 4 sliding legs and one wheel for easy unlocking from towbar. 

– Type approval from TÜV and Greek Ministry of Transportations. 

Β. Technical characteristics of autonomous power supply system:

– 3 days of autonomy at a load of 120W. 

– 8 batteries ROLLS 275Ah AGM 6V. Total capacity 550Ah at 24V. (https://rollsbattery.com/battery/s6-275agm-re/ )

–  Solar charger MORNING STAR TS-MPPT-60 with TS-RM-2 CONTROLER (https://www.morningstarcorp.com/products/tristar-mppt/ )

– Special stainless steel battery boxes with anti-vibration lining from Regufoam® material (https://antivibration-systems.com/product/regufoam/ ) , which are screwed on the trailer chassis through special bases.

– Suitable wiring for operating amps during solar charging. 

– Electrical panel closed in a watertight cabinet fastened by means of anti-vibration rubber joints. The panel contains suitable fuses and switches as well as surge protection. It also contains a suitable Meanwell converter from 24V to 12V, to power secondary consumption, such as 3G router, alarms, etc.

C. Support bases for photovoltaic panels

The bases are fixed on one side on the trailer and on the other on the ground by means of anchor rods. They can accommodate up to 6 panels measuring 1.5×1.0 m and are from the company Aloumil H2100 series.

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