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The suitability assessment of type and position of WTs is done according to the rules of the IEC-61400-1 standard. Chapter 11.9 of IEC61400-1 (4th ed. 2019) sets out the checklist to be followed to determine if a wind turbine is suitable for a site, proving that the wind conditions at the site are not harsher than those adopted for the site. wind turbine design.

The wind conditions associated with the development of loads, such as the wind shear and the inflow angle, are derived directly from the results of the CFD model. Respectively, the turbulence intensity of the environment is extrapolated vertically and horizontally from the measuring point to the hub height of each WT through the turbulence model. The turbulence induced by the neighbor of the other WTs is estimated using the Fradsen model.

Extreme wind speed is also calculated from the wind data transferred to the hub height of each WT using the calculated speed-up coefficients from the CFD and is estimated by various statistical methods (eg MIS, Method of Independent Storms and annual maximums).

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